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Acupuncture: Study proves pins beat pills for neck pain every time

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years by literally billions of people — and in China, they just call it “medicine.”

Yet here in the United States, your own mainstream doc will write it off as alternative medicine quackery.

Well, my friend, who’s the quack now? Looks like it’s that doc — because new research shows acupuncture is not only effective for neck pain… but it can flat-out beat everything he’ll pull out of his mainstream bag of tricks.

By “everything” of course we’re not talking much. That mainstream doc will give you some pain pills and — if you’re still griping — ship you off for some physical therapy.

Think your neck hurts now? Wait ’til that physical therapist gets through with it — you might be wearing a neck brace next!

That’s why most folks who get pills and PT see almost no improvement at all, with studies showing an average of about 9 percent pain relief.

The new study was a head-to-head matchup of “usual care” vs. acupuncture. It was pills versus pins — and the pins won by every measure you care about.

Just 12 acupuncture sessions spread out over three months led to improvements that lasted a full year, improving pain levels by 32 percent.

In other words, pins didn’t just beat pills… it beat them by a whopping 350 percent!

The benefits weren’t limited to pain relief, either. The folks who had acupuncture had lower levels of disability and higher levels of confidence that they could get out and get stuff done without neck pain getting in the way.

But acupuncture isn’t just better at easing pain and restoring ability. It’s also better when it comes to risks — because unlike pills and PT, acupuncture has virtually no side effects.

So far so good… but don’t stop there.

If you want an even bigger boost, combine acupuncture with plain old fish oil supplements. One study published in 2006 found that 59 percent of patients taking prescription painkillers for nonspecific neck and back pain were able to quit their meds when they started on fish oil.

Now THAT’S how you handle pain!

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