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SHOCKING new diet plan will zap your brain to lose weight

Just when you think you’ve seen the dopiest diet gimmick ever, along comes a new one that’s even dumber.

And this one’s so bad it just might blow your mind… literally!

It’s a form of electrical stimulation of the brain that’s supposed to make you eat less and lose weight.

Feel like stopping at the drive-thru window on the way home? ZAP!

Thinking about ordering pizza tonight? ZAP!

In the mood for some ice cream for dessert? ZAP!

Yes, fry your brain like the colonel’s chicken, and maybe you won’t want that KFC dinner after all.

I’m only half-kidding here. This new portable shocker doesn’t have quite enough juice to REALLY give you a good fry. It’s not The Chair and it’s not even the old electroshock therapy.

It’s got two electrodes you’re supposed to stick to your gourd, and then you zap yourself until it tingles, although many people say it feels more like a burn.

The zaps are supposed to stimulate the brain’s left prefrontal cortex, which tends to get sluggish and less active in obese people. In theory, giving it a good jolt should get that part of the brain jumping again so you eat less and lose weight.

In a very small study, it worked at least a little bit… but under some odd circumstances: Folks in the study were either zapped in that left prefrontal cortex or in another part of the brain and then set loose on a vending machine full of food and drink.

They were allowed to take as much as they wanted, and those who got the jolts in that left prefrontal cortex took less, ate less and — after several days of this — even lost a little weight.

But let’s get real here. They’ve been ZAPPING the brain, and that comes with side effects beyond cooking off your own hair.

Along with the burning and tingling I mentioned earlier, folks suffered from skin irritation as well as sleep problems, difficulty with concentration and even mood changes.

Who the heck wants to face all that to drop a pound or two?

Losing weight isn’t nearly as hard as the mainstream wants you to believe, and you can do it without Kentucky Fried Brain.

All you have to do is IGNORE everything you’ve been told about dieting and get back to basics — and I’ve got everything you need to get started right here.

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