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Harvard study reveals glaring flaw in the low-fat diet

You’ve cut back on fat to the point where you can’t taste your food anymore… and cut back on calories so much you can barely even SEE it.

You’ve struggled and starved, listened to your belly rumble day and night, and turned down all the tempting fatty foods you love so much.

And for all that effort, what do you have to show for it?


Now, new research from Harvard University confirms what you’ve seen on your own scale, proving once and for all that the low-fat diet DOESN’T WORK!

Yes, my friend, more than half a century of mainstream dietary advice needs to be taken out back and shot, because the study shows that the real secret to weight loss isn’t in cutting back on fat and counting calories.

It’s not in giving up steak and bacon, either, and it’s certainly not in limiting your protein to bland, skinless low-salt poached chicken breasts.

It’s in eating MORE of the foods you love, because the new study shows that the low-carb diet beats the low-fat diet, hands-down (and forks up!).

The new analysis of 53 studies involving more than 68,000 dieters finds absolutely no advantage at all to the low-fat diet.


And in the studies where the two diets went head-to-head, the low-carb diet flat-out beat the low-fat diet.

There’s one catch and it’s the obvious one: No diet will work if you don’t stick to it — and most people simply don’t stick to their diets. That’s why one year later most people lose an average of a measly six pounds, give or take, no matter what diet they try.

This is where the low-carb diet shines… because while EVERY diet requires giving something up and EVERY diet requires an ironclad resolve to stick to it, this one lets you have most of the foods you love — including the “forbidden” ones you’ve been told to avoid.

Yes, you will have to sacrifice bread, and your meat will have to be served without the potato. But the tradeoff is you can enjoy all your favorite cuts of meat, full-fat cheese and fresh dairy.

Best part of all? No counting! Once you’re in the swing of this diet, your appetite will control itself and you’ll eat just the right amount at every meal… and STILL lose weight.

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