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The serious risk factor most people REFUSE talk about

The TV talking heads have it all wrong. The most difficult conversations in America aren’t about race, religion or immigration.

Most of those cable-news drones won’t shut up about those topics — so how “difficult” can they really be?

No, the most difficult conversation in American is about bowel movements!

I mean that. When’s the last time you spoke about yours?

Not at the dinner table, of course, but with your doctor — because most folks still consider issues like constipation too embarrassing to mention.

The unwritten rule seems to be don’t bring it up unless there’s blood involved, and even then some patients STILL won’t tell their doctors about it.

Don’t be one of them, my friend. If you’ve been battling constipation — if your own bowel movements are even less regular than Amtrak — it’s time to talk about it, whether you’re bleeding or not.

Because new research finds constipation could be your first and in some cases only warning sign of a serious and even potentially deadly health problem.

Talking about it ASAP — talking about it right now — could be your best chance of getting it taken care of before it blows up into something difficult or even impossible to treat.

For example, constipation could be a warning sign of ischemic colitis, a condition in which the flow of blood to the intestine is choked off. Or it might be an indication of diverticulosis, when your intestine develops a “pouch” in the wall that becomes inflamed or even infected.

It could even be a warning sign of colorectal cancer or stomach cancer.

All of those conditions are treatable and beatable in most cases. Even the cancers can be taken care of… IF they’re caught in time.

But if you won’t say “poop” to your doctor — if you’re too embarrassed to talk about your bathroom habits — you’ll never get the help you need.

And you could pay the price later on.

In almost all cases it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with some diet tweaks and maybe a glass of prune juice, since constipation is usually caused by what you eat.

But you’ll never know unless you get checked out, so make that appointment today if only to give yourself a little peace of mind.

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