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Statins and flu shots are a disastrous duo

Sometimes, I’m convinced half the “studies” I read are a prank to see if anyone’s actually paying attention.

One study published just last month found that being woken up repeatedly will put you in a bad mood.

Gee, ya think?

Another new study that’s just as ridiculous finds that a drug you don’t need can block a vaccine that doesn’t work.

I know you think I’m making this stuff up, but I’m not: The new study finds that statin drugs — drugs that neither treat nor cure any known disease — can make the shot-in-the-dark flu shot even less effective, especially in seniors.

Since even the CDC admits the flu shot offers almost no protection in seniors, you’d have to wonder just what the heck less effective means here.

To be any less “effective,” the darn thing would have to GIVE you the flu!

That’s not quite what happened here. The study didn’t even look at actual flu cases but rather at antibodies in the blood. Seniors who are on statins and get the shot have up to two-thirds fewer antibodies than seniors who aren’t on the meds.

This is bad news for the shot, and worse news for statins — yet amazingly, the researchers are urging people to get their shots AND keep taking their cholesterol meds anyway.

They even claimed the drugs might magically fight flu on their own by cutting inflammation. I can’t tell you how on God’s green Earth they reached that conclusion. I can’t tell you… and apparently neither can they, because it’s NOWHERE in the study.

Yes, my friend, it almost seems like they flat-out fabricated a reason to keep you taking both drugs.

Since you won’t get the truth from them, allow me to cut through the bull and tell you what’s REALLY going on here. When it comes to cholesterol LDL is far from the bad guy it’s made out to be. In fact LDL is absolutely essential to a number of functions in the body, including immune system function.

The lower your cholesterol, the higher your risk of infection and even diseases such as cancer rises.

And the seasonal flu shot guess is little more than an experiment that uses people as the guinea pigs year after year.

So instead of getting an ineffective flu shot and cutting your cholesterol down to dangerous level, skip both the shot and the statins and let your total cholesterol rise to between 200 and 300 to give your immune system a fighting chance against anything that comes your way.

And for more on why the flu shot doesn’t work — and the inside word on what really does — read this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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