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WARNING: You may be giving yourself gout… in your sleep!

It’s like a nightmare — except while this one starts in your sleep, it doesn’t end when you wake up.

Because while sleep apnea steals your breath in the night — the REAL dangers come much later.

Untreated apnea will increase your risk of just about everything you want to avoid. It can speed you along the highway to diabetes… heart disease… dementia… and even increase your risk of suddenly dropping dead.

And it’s not done with you yet.

Apnea might give you an unwelcome pit stop as you race toward deadly chronic disease, causing one of the most painful conditions you could possibly imagine — because new research finds this sleep disorder will increase your risk of gout by 80 percent.

If you’ve never had gout, trust me. You don’t want it. It’s not just toe pain. It’s toe pain so bad some folks can’t put on a shoe let alone walk.

It’s caused by uric acid flowing through the blood and forming crystals, which end up getting caught around your big toe like crabs in a trap.

When you have apnea, you stop breathing for 20, 30, 40 seconds or more at a time — and in severe cases, it can happen hundreds of times a night. That leads to low oxygen in the blood, which in turn causes the blood to become acidic.

Next thing you know, you’re pumping out uric acid like crazy and turning into a crystal-making machine.

Since it can take years for enough crystals to form to cause pain, you could be well on your way to a battle with gout right now and not even know it!

There’s something else you might not know, too: you might not know you have apnea. Yes, you stop breathing in the night… but by morning, most people have no recollection of it.

That’s why the best person for spotting apnea isn’t you, it’s your spouse. If you’ve been letting out room-shaking snores — especially if they’re followed by short periods of total silence — you could have it.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and effective apnea treatment you can try on your own: Lose some weight.

Most cases of apnea (and heavy snoring, even without apnea) are caused by carrying around too much weight. Shed some pounds and in most cases the problems will vanish… practically overnight.

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