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The trick to safely ditching your asthma inhaler

Asthma is bad news… no arguments there. But you should see what asthma drugs will do to you!

They can leave you weak, fat, forgetful and bald. And if you’re among the 3.3 million seniors battling asthma, the very drugs that are supposed to help you breathe can turn your bones into peanut brittle.

But if you’re battling asthma and struggling with your own meds, I’ve got some good news for you today.

It’s news that could change your life for the better immediately, and even put some extra money in your pocket… because the latest research finds you may not even need those meds most of the time.

Stable asthma patients can work with their doctor to cut back on meds — and this “stepping down,” as it’s known, not only won’t hurt you…

It could help give you BETTER control over the disease!

Yes, better control of asthma with fewer meds or maybe even none at all — and the new study shows how.

Both children and adult asthma patients who’d been stable for at least a year were told to either keep taking their meds as usual or they were assigned to work with a doctor on stepping down.

One year later, 83.5 percent of the folks who continued to take their meds daily had control over their asthma.

That’s pretty good control, but remember these folks had been stable for a year — so that’s to be expected.

If you want to see BETTER than good control, check out what happened to the folks who stepped down — because 89.4 percent of them also had control over the condition.

Folks who stepped down didn’t miss more work or school, and they didn’t end up in the ER more often. What they did get is more money in their pockets, because they were able to save $34 a month by using fewer meds.

That’s more than $400 a year back in your pocket, where it belongs.

Naturally, don’t take matters into your own hands on this one. There’s too much at stake — so work closely with a doc who will know if it’s safe for you to step down and can monitor your progress if it is.

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