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Your “prescription” for beating back holiday stress

Remember when the holidays were FUN?

Used to be Thanksgiving meant turkey and football. These days, it’s all pressure and stress — high prices, crowded stores and being blasted with Christmas music before you’ve even finalized your Thanksgiving plans.

And don’t even THINK about traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas unless you don’t mind highways that resemble parking lots and flights that feel more like sardine cans.

No wonder holiday cheer has been replaced by stress, anxiety and a prescription for Xanax!

I can’t do anything about highways, airplanes, the cost of a Thanksgiving bird or Christmas music that starts a month too early.

But I CAN help make sure you never need to turn to Xanax.

There’s a much simpler, safer and far more effective to help fight off stress this holiday season or any other time of year — and the key isn’t in some chemical compound that messes with your brain.

In fact, it’s not in your brain at all. It’s in your belly!

Your gut is swimming with the bacteria needed for everything from digestion to immune function. And while most folks don’t realize it, those same friendly bugs are absolutely essential to mood and memory.

Now, the latest research shows how one powerful strain of probiotic bacteria in particular can help ease stress.

It’s called Bifidobacterium longum, and the new study finds that taking supplements for just one month can slash your levels of stress. The folks in the study who took it not only reported FEELING better, but blood tests also revealed lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

This isn’t some exotic and experimental strain of bacteria. B. longum is widely available, both on its own and as part of a probiotic blend.

Don’t be impressed by anything that promises millions; you want one with BILLIONS of colony-forming units, ideally mixed with other bacterial strains proven to help give you a lift.

Start now, and you should start to feel the benefits in time for Thanksgiving. Let your stress melt away like the butter in your mashed potatoes… and maybe this year, you’ll finally be able to kick back, relax and enjoy some turkey and football.

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