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The worst gout treatment ever approved? You be the judge

Anyone who says gout is just toe pain has clearly never had gout.

It’s pain like you never thought possible — like your toe’s on fire from the inside.

You can’t even touch your toe. Simply putting on a sock will have you howling in agony!

If you don’t know what it’s like, count your blessings. And if you’re all too familiar with it, I can understand why you might be willing to do just about anything to put a stop to the pain.

Well, my friend, there are some things you CAN do (and I’ll have more on that in a moment). But first let’s talk about one thing you SHOULDN’T do, and that’s take lesinurad, the new drug about to win approval by the FDA after an agency panel signed off on it.

This drug doesn’t just have one little problem. It’s got two, and they’re both huge:

  1. It doesn’t work.
  2. It could kill you.

All this drug has proven to do in clinical trials is cut levels of uric acid, and only when taken in combination with another gout drug.

That might sound like a winner, since high uric acid levels ultimately lead to the agony of a gout flare-up. But in the studies, the drug didn’t actually reduce the risk of flare-ups, ease pain or improve function.

In fact, some patients got WORSE!

In exchange for what appears to be no real-world benefit, the drug caused some patients to suffer kidney stones, kidney damage, “major adverse cardiac events” and even death.

The panel figures approving a lower dose might cut those risks. Let me help them out with that, because I’ve calculated the correct dose to truly minimize those risks.

I recommend… NONE!

If you want to beat gout, you can. Just forget the drug and stick to the tried-and-true natural remedy that’s been proven effective by major studies: cherries.

Cherries can chase that uric acid right out of the body, which is why a 2012 study found that a bowl of cherries or a glass of cherry extract taken during an attack will cut the risk of a recurrence by more than a third.

You can read all about it in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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