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The shocking fall risk no one’s warned you about

Fall down when you’re 20 or 30, and everyone assumes it’s because you’re drunk.

Fall down when you’re 60 or 70, and they assume it’s because you’re old.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Sure, being drunk at any age can send you flying. And when older folks fall, they’re more likely to be hurt.

But the REAL reasons behind most falls have nothing to do with age or booze — and the latest research spots a major fall risk factor that can strike anyone, including younger folks: hidden infections.

Infections aren’t always sudden and severe, sending you rushing off to see a doctor. In many cases, they bubble below the surface and you may not even know they’re there.

Not at first, anyway.

But those hidden infections force your immune system to work overtime, causing other problems such as the sudden dips in blood pressure that can make you feel woozy.

Next thing you know, you’re peeling your face off the floor and calling for an ambulance.

Between 20 percent and 45 percent of all falls that lead to a trip to the ER are caused by infections, and the new study finds the most common are urinary tract infections, respiratory infections and bloodstream infections.

If you’re on the younger side, don’t get too smug thinking you can handle yourself better. The new study finds one in five infection-related falls requiring emergency treatment happen to folks YOUNGER than the age of 65.

The key lesson here is don’t be stubborn. Those infections might be hidden, but they almost always come with warning signs — and they’re the ones you might be inclined to ignore out of stubbornness.


Not only will those infections increase your risk of a fall, but they could also get worse and really start to wreak havoc on your body.

Next thing you know, a fall might be the least of your worries!

So if you don’t feel quite right — if you’re getting a little dizzy and light-headed at times and don’t know why — or if you just don’t seem as steady on your feet as you should be, get on the horn and make an appointment to get yourself checked out.

You’re much better off walking into the doctor’s office than being wheeled into the ER.

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