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What Oprah WON’T tell you about Weight Watchers

Let’s face it, Oprah’s not exactly the poster child for weight loss.

She’s bounced from flabby to fit and back again, with more ups and downs than a yo-yo.

If anything, Oprah is a living lesson in how NOT to diet!

Yet here she is, climbing back on her high horse to tell folks how to lose weight — because she’s just used some of her $3 billion net worth to buy herself a big, fat chunk of Weight Watchers.

Yes, that Weight Watchers… the one where you have to attend regular confessional meetings that get weepier than an episode of Oprah’s old TV show.

It’s the “diet” where you’re basically given the green light to chow down on ANY junk food you crave, just in smaller amounts.

The weight loss method that almost requires an advanced math degree to figure out the complicated points system you need to plan your dinner.

No one can put up with all that nonsense for long, which is probably why the company went $2 billion in the hole and needed Oprah’s rescue money.

But all the Oprah money in the world can’t save it from the basic fact that even when you stick to this diet — even when you follow its convoluted points system to a T — you’ll be badly disappointed in the results.

The dirty truth about Weight Watchers was hidden deep in the details of a company-funded study that found that after a FULL YEAR of counting points and attending meetings, you can expect to lose about 11.2 pounds.

That’s less than a pound a month!

There’s a much better, faster and far more effective way to lose weight, my friend, and all you have to do is give up the carbs and switch to meals rich in fresh and natural animal fats and proteins.

Forget losing a pound a month. Early on, many low-carb dieters lose a pound PER DAY!

You won’t keep up that pace, of course (you’d vanish if you did) but you could find yourself reaching your target weight in months, not years.

And the best part of all? No counting or confessions required.

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