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Research reveals “studies” being written by Big Pharma hacks

The fix is in!

One of the dirtiest secrets of the entire dirty drug industry is that the antidepressants taken by millions DO… NOT… WORK.

It’s not just that they don’t work some of the time or for some of the people.

It’s that they can’t punch their way out of a paper bag — because most of those drugs can’t beat placebos in truly independent studies.

Yet docs keep dishing them out anyway, in part because some of the most important studies published in leading medical journals insist the drugs work.

Now we know why: Most of those “important” studies were written by Big Pharma hacks!

A damning new analysis by Stanford University gets to the bottom of who’s REALLY behind studies known as meta-analyses. They’re in essence studies of studies. Meta-analyses pool data from dozens of other studies to supposedly get the true measure of a drug’s effectiveness.

Turns out many of those studies are about as true as the old Soviet newspapers, with ONE in THREE actually written by drug company employees.

Think that’s bad? That’s just the tip of the trash heap — because the study also finds that 80 percent of antidepressant meta-analyses are done by researchers with cozy ties to the drug industry.

And at least some of the time, those links are never even mentioned.

That’s not science. That’s propaganda — and it’s paying off big, with 30 million Americans now taking antidepressants based on this junk science.

You don’t have to be one of them.

If you’re locked in a battle with depression, pass on the meds and try something that works.

B vitamins from steak, vitamin D from sun and good times with good friends can all do more to boost your mood than anything in the pharmacy. Yes, my friend, that’s your excuse to get some of your buddies together, fly someplace warm and have a great big beach BBQ.

I doubt you’ll be depressed after that! If you are, however, that could be a sign of something else wrong such as a hormonal issue.

There’s not an antidepressant in the world that can fix that, but a naturopathic medical doctor experienced in hormone testing and treatment can help. I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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