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Pink Ribbon Mafia does its best to drown out common sense

It happens without fail. Every single time someone tries to talk even a LITTLE common sense on breast cancer they get shut down by the Komen Krazies.

The American Cancer Society isn’t exactly known for its radical positions.

This group is in bed with every major drug company — and if you ask me, it’s a huge part of the reason millions of Americans suffer through poisonous chemo, toxic radiation and surgeries that in many cases are completely unnecessary.

But just last week, the ACS took a tiny step in the direction of common sense, saying women should no longer get mammograms at the age of 40 but wait until they’re 45 instead.

That sound you heard? That was the sound of the entire Pink Ribbon Mafia shrieking at once — because they went after the ACS with their claws out, practically accusing them of killing women.

But the fact is younger women have denser breasts and ARE more likely to have a false positive — and there’s nothing “false” about it when a woman first gets the news.

In that moment, she believes she has cancer.

For weeks, she has to run a gauntlet of frightening tests and painful biopsies. For weeks, she has to fight off the growing stress and anxiety. And for weeks, she is left to live in limbo believing that her very life is on the line.

By the time she finds out she doesn’t have cancer, she isn’t relieved.

She’s angry!

Even worse, when there IS a tumor it often doesn’t have to be treated — because in many cases, breast cancer is best left alone — but that’s not what happens.

Once a tumor is spotted, it’s surgery, drugs, chemo and in some cases radiation — all to “treat” a cancer that very well may never have hurt you.

This isn’t a matter of opinion. A 2012 study found that mammograms are directly responsible for 1.3 million unnecessary treatments over the years, with 70,000 more joining them every single year.

And just last year, a major study found that mammograms won’t add so much as a single extra day to your life.

So don’t give into the pressure ladies — don’t give into the endless cycle of needless mammograms and needless surgeries.

Breast cancer may not end your life… but treating it just might ruin it.

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