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The FDA can’t be bothered to inspect toxic food additives

Mystery meat is still a mystery to Uncle Sam

Maybe it was the time you spent three hours on the toilet after eating chicken nuggets… or perhaps it was when you ended up in bed for two days after eating a microwave TV dinner.

But sooner or later, when you gamble with Big Food’s processed poison, you end up asking yourself the same question.

What the heck did I just eat?

Well, don’t go looking to Uncle Sam for clues, because he’s got an answer straight out of a “Hogan’s Heroes” re-run.


The FDA has just admitted something I’ve been warning you about for years — they have no idea what Big Food is tossing into your mystery meat. It’s been 17 years since the FDA started allowing Big Food to “voluntarily” list the stomach-churning food additives they’re putting in your chow.

Want to guess how that’s going?

Food processors are experimenting with new additives, preservatives and flavorings every day, some of which have been linked to everything from asthma attacks to debilitating diarrhea. And they’re guarding the information like it was the secret recipe to Coca-Cola.

Big Food has been playing nutty professor with your health for so long, even the FDA admits it has no idea what’s in your $10 box of gourmet granola bars any more. These bureaucratic buffoons claim mystery ingredients aren’t a major health threat — but tell that to some wheezing kid running for his inhaler after a bowl of cereal.

Next time you’re in the supermarket, use something I call the “Great-Grandma Principle.” If the food didn’t exist when Great-Grandma was a kid, shuffle along and remember this.

That’s one mystery that isn’t worth solving.

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