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Factory farm meat linked to antibiotic-resistant infections

Drugged-up cows could make you dead meat

We’ve all heard the story of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow — you know, that troublesome heifer that kicked over a lantern and burned Chicago to the ground.

Well, there’s a whole new herd of cows kicking up a health storm around the world right now. And if we don’t act fast, they’re about to leave a trail of death and destruction that will make the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 look like a Cub Scout camp blaze.

A shocking new report is warning that cheap, mass-produced meat may be unleashing a new wave of deadly and incurable diseases. And while countries around the world are springing to action, our government is doing what it does best.


More than 23,000 Americans — enough to fill 420 Greyhound buses — are going to die this year from antibiotic-resistant infections we don’t have the first clue how to treat. And while the mainstream has done its share, handing out antibiotics like candy for diseases they were never meant to treat, they don’t have anything on today’s filthy factory farmers.

Because they’ve found a way to pile up cash and bodies at the same time.

The vast majority of antibiotics in America today aren’t consumed by poor saps with an infected hangnail. It’s estimated that eighty percent of antibiotics are used by the meat industry.

I’m talking about ruthless factory farmers who pack their cows and chickens shoulder to shoulder on filthy feed lots where they can’t take two steps without being hoof-deep in crap. These animals are so sick that they’re pumped full of antibiotics just to keep them alive (and upright) long enough to slaughter.

And when you grill up that discount supermarket steak or chicken breast, you’re not just getting a daily supply of protein — you’re swallowing every pharmaceutical cocktail ever injected into that poor beast.

Antibiotic-resistant infections are breaking out all over the world, and some countries in Europe are charting antibiotic use among humans and animals alike, so they can spot overuse and prevent outbreaks before they start.

Germany is monitoring antibiotic use. Even the Brits are sinking their crooked teeth into the problem.

But like a blackjack player holding an ace and a nine, our government has decided to stand pat. It’s been 37 years since the FDA’s own research concluded that antibiotics use in animals was creating new and deadly diseases. Just recently, a federal judge admonished the FDA for doing “shockingly little” to address the problem.

Well, Your Honor may have been shocked — but I’m not. Our government doesn’t have the spine to stand up to Big Food and Big Pharma, but I hope you’re up to the job.

Insist that every piece of meat you eat is organic and antibiotic-free. Because there are tons of disease-causing steaks and poultry sitting on our supermarket shelves today, and there’s one thing keeping our government from acting.

They’re chicken.

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