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Get rid of that pain in the neck

Exercises beat meds for pain relief

Neck pain? You’re not alone — it’s quickly becoming a top complaint as more people spend their entire lives sitting at a desk, craning their necks at glowing screens.

Your own doc is clueless when it comes to treating neck pain, and if you try mentioning something that actually works — like chiropractic care — he’ll laugh you right out of his office.

Turns out the joke’s on him — because the latest research confirms that either hands-on care from a chiropractor or regular neck exercises done on your own at home bring more relief than what he’s got in his pocket.

That’s a prescription pad, by the way — and your doc will use it twice the first time you even mention neck pain: once to write a referral for a scan that will reveal absolutely nothing beyond how good your insurance is… and another for painkillers, including addictive meds with potentially deadly side effects.

Make like Nancy and “just say no” to those drugs — because after 12 weeks, just 13 percent of patients who took meds in the new study reported 100 percent relief.

That’s practically nobody.

Meanwhile, a full third of those who got chiropractic care reported 100 percent relief, along with 30 percent of those who did the neck-cercises.

The partial response was better all around, with 82 percent of the chiropractic patients reporting at least a 50-percent improvement, compared to 77 percent of the neck-cercisers and 69 percent of those who took painkillers.

But let’s face it: No one wants partial relief. You want to be cured — and the number of people truly cured of neck pain is miserably low no matter what they try.

And that’s because most people might try “everything,” but when they’re done, they go back to the same bad habits that caused their neck problems in the first place.

No wonder nothing works!

Sorry, but facts are facts: If you want real relief — if you want LASTING and PERMANENT relief — you’re going to have to make some serious changes to the way you sit and quite possibly the way you live your life.

And if you’re willing to do that, you won’t need a chiropractor, neck-cercises, OR meds.

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