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Mainstream admits to vaccine faults

In the latest attempt to “prove” vaccines don’t cause autism, the Institute of Medicine ended up admitting that standard childhood shots can cause just about everything else.

This mainest of all mainstream medical bodies — the same group that rejects vitamin D supplements and sets recommended nutritional intakes ridiculously low – says there’s “convincing evidence” that common vaccines can cause seizures, brain inflammation, infection, body encephalitis, pneumonia, meningitis, hepatitis and more.

But not autism.

There… don’t you feel better? Now go get your kid vaccinated!

The ironic part here is the admission of brain inflammation — a condition that already has strong ties to autism. Admitting one but not the other is like admitting something can cause the sniffles… but insisting there’s no link to the cold.

I’m not going to rehash the vaccine/autism debate because even without the autism link, you don’t need vaccines — and the Institute of Medicine has helpfully given you a laundry list of reasons to keep these shots away from your kids.

Brain inflammation… meningitis… body encephalitis… need I go on? With a list like that, who needs autism?!?

Those aren’t the only problems with vaccines. Despite what you’ve heard, inoculations haven’t saved lives — they’ve harmed millions, killed thousands, and weakened the natural immunity of the entire human race.

But tell someone you don’t want your kids to face those risks, and they treat you like some kind of radical nutjob. If you find yourself in that position, read this.

It’ll give you all the ammunition you need to win any argument over vaccinations.

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