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How mercury is destroying our youth

How mercury is destroying our youth

If you want to get some real answers behind the nation’s autism epidemic, don’t turn to the bureaucrats in charge our health. Every time I turn around, the CDC’s numbers are different.

Right now, the pencil pushers claim that 1 in 110 U.S. kids is autistic. Just a few months ago, they said it was 1 in 100. Two years earlier, it was 1 in 150. Meanwhile, another study says it’s 1 in 91.

Regardless of the exact numbers, too many children suffer from this disease——and it’s high time people started to focus more on the cause than the cure . Otherwise, with a disease that is steadily on the rise, we’ll always be playing catch-up——and playing right into Big Pharma’s hands. After all, there’s a lot of money to be made on such a fast-rising disease.

The key here is to limit kids’ exposure to mercury——and it starts when they’re in the womb. Then, think twice before giving them any unnecessary vaccines, which often contain the compound thimerosal (which is half mercury).

I don’t believe thimerosal is solely to blame for the rise in autism, though it has certainly played its part. But there are plenty of other sources of mercury.

It’s in our dental fillings (make sure to get the resin kind instead of the silver fillings), seafood (don’t overdo the tuna), and plenty of consumer products——including the “environmentally friendly” new light bulbs that are all the rage right now. It’s also been found in high-fructose corn syrup, which is in just about all of the most common processed foods and drinks——and something you should be avoiding anyway.

If you suspect your child or grandchild may have autism, get some tests done ASAP. Early diagnosis and intensive therapy can have incredible benefits.

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