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Tame your blood sugar

Turning glucose from enemy to friend

Half the truth is even more dangerous than a whole lie — and when it comes to diabetes, you’ve only been told half the truth.

And it’s killing you.

That’s because — despite what you’ve heard — beating this disease isn’t about simply watching your blood sugar levels.

You can watch, watch, watch ’til the cows come home… and then what?

If you’re like most diabetics, all the meds and insulin in the world won’t stop you from getting sicker and weaker… and next thing you know, you’ll watch, watch, watch as the disease spirals out of control.

Now, here’s the half they’re NOT telling you — what your own doctor CAN’T tell you because everything he knows about this disease has been spoon-fed to him by the drug companies:

Beating diabetes isn’t about babysitting your blood sugar levels.

It’s about taming the sugar that’s in your blood until it’s as harmless as a newborn kitten.

And you’ve already got the mother of all lion tamers in your body, right now, waiting for orders.

It’s an enzyme called transketolase, and it takes direction from an ordinary B vitamin — vitamin B1, aka thiamine.

There’s just one little problem: You can gobble down thiamine supplements all day and it won’t make a bit of difference. Since it’s water soluble, your body will barely even know it’s there.

Luckily for you, there’s another option — one you’ve probably never heard of, and one I’ll bet your own doc doesn’t know much about, either.

It’s a synthetic form of thiamine called benfotiamine — and because it’s fat soluble, your body can absorb it five times more efficiently.

Once it’s inside, the transketolase gets the message and goes to work… and your glucose is following orders better than a circus animal.

But it doesn’t stop there — because benfotiamine is also a diabetes repair kit. It can actually reverse the damage caused by high blood sugar, including kidney and nerve damage.

The one problem — the only problem — with this stuff is that it’s so safe, effective and inexpensive that it would wipe out the multibillion-dollar diabetes drug industry overnight.

And that’s why you’re being kept in the dark with a dangerous half-truth about diabetes.

But the cat’s out of the bag now — and soon, I believe every diabetic will be using benfotiamine.

Don’t wait for everyone else. It’s time to stop “watching” your blood sugar… and start taming it instead.

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