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The simplest way to reverse heart damage and improve energy levels——starting today

The simplest way to reverse heart damage and
improve energy levels——starting today

If you’re suffering from heart disease——particularly heart failure——you’re probably eager to do anything and everything you can to improve your condition. But that can be difficult, especially if no doctor has ever really explained what’s causing your condition.

Over the years, I have found that heart failure is often the result of a deficiency in carnitine. If you’ve never heard of carnitine before, you’re not alone. Doctors don’t talk about it much——which has always amazed me because if you want a healthy heart, you can’t leave carnitine out of the equation.

Carnitine, which is derived from amino acids, transports fatty acids to the cells in your heart, where these acids are burned as fuel. If you’re deficient in carnitine, your heart’s cells don’t get as much fuel to burn. That means they have less energy and your heart operates with diminished power.

If you’ve never received a good explanation for why you’re suffering from heart failure, have your doctor check your carnitine levels. If you’re low, the best way to boost your levels is by eating plenty of beef and pork (medium rare) since they’re rich in carnitine.

Of course, vegetarians and people following a low-fat diet are especially at risk for having low levels of this heart-healthy nutrient. But whether you’re a meat-eater or not, your body produces less carnitine as you age, so you should consider adding a carnitine supplement.

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