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Letters: Hydrogen peroxide therapy: (Percent) size does matter

Letters: Hydrogen peroxide therapy: (Percent) size does matter

“Can you clear something up for me? We’ve come across some conflicting information about the dosage amount for using hydrogen peroxide in a mouthwash. We’ve seen various sources recommending it, but sometimes they say to use 35-percent H2O2, other times they call for the 3-percent kind. Could you please let me know what the correct recommendation is?”

–K.P., Rockville, MD

WCD: 35-percent H2O2 can be very dangerous if people try to drink or ingest it. The kind of peroxide I recommend for use as a mouthwash and a rinse for fresh fruits, vegetables, and cuts of meat is the 3-percent variety that you can buy at any drug store or supermarket.

The intravenous use of H2O2 is another matter. Miniscule amounts, which are available only to physicians from a qualified compounding pharmacy, are injected into a vein to elevate the oxygen content of the blood. This is especially effective when combined with photoluminescence in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer and bacterial/ viral infections.

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