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Letters: Are public school systems pushing drugs on children?

Are public school systems pushing drugs on children?

“My grandson freaks out on sugar and milk. His school wants to put him on Ritalin. That doesn’t seem appropriate to me. Please advise me on this, thank you.”
-L.E. Fresno,CA

A. They want to WHAT?! Your grandson has reactive hypoglycemia and lactose intolerance (and/or milk allergy). This case illustrates the mess we are in with the public school system. We have a situation where there are now more administrative boneheads in the schools than there are teachers. In addition, most of the teachers are themselves poorly educated, union-controlled, and overpaid. For example, 30 years ago I knew one teacher who had a master’s degree from a North Carolina “teacher’s college.” She spoke English like a Mississippi cotton picker. She had no concept of correct verb usage and had a maddening tendency to say things like “had went.”

I think you know what to do. Take your grandson to a doctor who understands the real cause of his problems. The answers in this case are quite simple, but, unfortunately, you will have to work very hard to convince your grandson’s parents, who probably think those public school parasites know what they are doing. That aside, they should know Ritalin is a narcotic and has all the potential dangers associated with other narcotics like cocaine and heroin.

P.S. I don’t mean to imply that all teachers are like the one I knew 30 years ago. There are some good teachers out there. Unfortunately, they’re usually the ones who are unhappy and disillusioned with teaching and are just hanging on until retirement.

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