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10/15/2018 - Expensive ‘miracle’ drug is really just fish oil!

Mention fish oil to a bunch of “expert” docs, and they’ll laugh you right out of the room. But bring up the hot new drug Vascepa, and those same mainstream brainaics will nod in solemn agreement at the HOTTEST new “drug” in town. In a new study, it cut the risk of heart attack and […]

10/14/2018 - Varicose veins could SAVE your life (It’s true!)

If your body is your mansion… it can start to feel like a haunted house at times. There are creaks, moans, and other eerie noises — and don’t forget the old “spider-webs” forming in your legs. And those varicose veins may be unsightly… but they could end up saving your life. Because they could give […]

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