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11/19/2018 - EXPOSED: Big Pharma’s Blood Pressure LIE

It’s the GAME-CHANGING study your doctor hopes you NEVER see. And if you think HE’S trying to keep this from you, just imagine what’s going on in the executive suites of Big Pharma’s biggest players. They’re practically PANICKING over this one! This new study takes every line of you-know-what they’ve been feeding you about blood […]

11/19/2018 - Your FAVORITE Gadget is KILLING You!

It’s OFFICIAL: Cellphones can CAUSE cancer! Not long ago, that was dismissed as an out-there conspiracy theory from the kooks in tinfoil hats. Today, that word comes from the United States government! The feds just confirmed the results of a new study the tech industry has been trying to deny… denounce… and flat-out dismiss. Well, […]

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