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06/20/2018 - WARNING: Summer melon outbreak

For ONCE, a supermarket gimmick actually HELPED you. For ONCE, a little “premium” your store provided was actually WORTH the extra money. If you have arthritis, tremor, Parkinson’s, or any other condition that hits your motor skills, pre-cut fruit is an absolute godsend. But now, it could send you to the hospital! A new warning […]

06/20/2018 - Now they want to inject your DOG, too!

Think of the doggies!!!! Members of the mainstream are already starting the new push for flu shots, and this time they’re trying to double-up. They’re not only pushing the shot on you… but on your DOG, too! A new study claims that the next big outbreak will start with dogs. That’s right. Blame Fido! Just […]

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