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12/02/2018 - The $5 Secret to PERFECT Diabetes Control

It’s like a termite infestation, except these nasty little critters aren’t eating up the woodwork of your home. They’re chewing apart your mouth! Yet most people do NOTHING about it! Two out three seniors have gum disease, which is a shame because there’s an easy way to wipe it out… and I’ll deliver the effortless […]

12/01/2018 - NEVER Ignore Your Knee Pain (Here’s Why)

Knee pain? You’re not gonna let it bring you down! You’re NOT going to give in to arthritis and stop doing what you love… and you’re certainly not going to crunch on pain pills to get through it, either. You’re tougher than tough, and ready to show your knee who’s boss! Well, friend, you might […]

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