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03/19/2018 - Seniors warn docs: Stop pushing us around!

America’s seniors have spoken — and they’re sick to death of being poked, prodded, zapped, scanned, undressed, and bent over. They DON’T want to be treated like pincushions with constant injections and blood withdrawals. They DON’T want to be forced to choke back every pill for every condition imaginable. They DON’T want to be referred […]

03/18/2018 - One of the top causes of disability… and how to prevent it

Those “old people” injuries? They’re not gonna happen to you, right? Well, friend, don’t get too cocky. Life has a funny way of throwing banana peels at you… and all it takes is one little slip… and next thing you know, you’re in the ER getting the news. You’ve fallen and you can’t get up. […]

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