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07/20/2019 - [Warning] Is your toothpaste ROTTING your bones?!

OK, friends, I know what you’re thinking…   Ol’ Jack is going to pick on the dental profession again.   And you know what? You’re DARNED RIGHT I am.   There’s so much pseudo-science quackery in this profession that it makes my head spin.   These are the same folks that pushed dangerous water fluoridation… and poisonous mercury fillings… […]

07/19/2019 - You could be DEAD in a year… unless you do THIS

We spend a lot of time worrying about ways to die…  We worry about a bad ticker… cancer… Alzheimer’s.   But do you know what you REALLY need to worry about, friend?  You need to worry about that loose carpeting… that extension cord strung across the living room… and how slick your driveway gets when it’s […]

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