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08/18/2019 - [DISCOVERED] Simple vitamin SLOWS diabetes to a CRAWL

Let me tell you, friend, diabetes isn’t just a slippery slope…  It’s like roller skating on an oil slick.   Over time it can wreck your heart and brain… cost you toes and limbs… and even leave you blind.   The damage just piles up… and piles up some more.   But what if you could actually SLOW […]

08/18/2019 - Ditch your anxiety… WITHOUT becoming a ZOMBIE!

It’s like “Attack of the Zombies.”  Except these zombies aren’t carrying pitchforks and axes — they’re carrying pill bottles!  If you’re taking prescription drugs for anxiety, you know what I’m talking about.  Half the time they don’t work… and the other half, they leave you feeling like a spaced-out zombie!  How would you like to […]

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