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03/21/2018 - Today’s most popular diets are hiding something

Looking for a diet? Don’t look in the bookstore… and don’t even waste your time on Amazon! I won’t say that books can’t possibly help – some are great (hello, Atkins!) – but 99 percent of them are written by know-nothing hucksters who’ve cooked up gimmicky diets with catchy names. But you don’t have to […]

03/21/2018 - The $1.99 painkiller that can BEAT opioid drugs!

THEY claim that it’s YOUR fault. That pushy patients are demanding stronger drugs to deal with tougher-than-ever pains, and their poor docs practically have no choice but to offer them. But now, a new study exposes the dirty secret about opioid painkillers. It’s something that Big Pharma has known. It’s something that most doctors have […]

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