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05/22/2019 - Attention Ladies! The FDA Wants to Give You MORE Cancer! s

Learning you had breast cancer was the scariest moment of your life.   And after talking to your doctors and your family, you made the gut-wrenching decision to have a mastectomy.   The only silver lining? Your surgeon promised he could rebuild the shape of your breast using an implant.   But once that implant is inside you, […]

05/22/2019 - Could Your Sleep Meds End Up KILLING You? (Try THIS Instead…)

You’ve been staring at the darned ceiling for hours… and you just can’t sleep.   You’ve tried counting sheep… maybe you even have one of those “white noise” machines.   So you finally break down and reach for a sleeping pill.    And without even realizing it, you may have just put your life at risk.   The FDA […]

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