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06/16/2019 - Don’t Fall for This “Steps” SCAM! Here’s How Many You REALLY Need

We all have one of those friends who is absolutely ANNOYING us to death…  You know, the one who’s always wearing some fancy device to count their steps.  And they’ll tell you that if you don’t get 10,000 steps a day, you’ll practically DROP DEAD!  Well, here’s what Suzie or Sam Smarty Pants isn’t telling […]

06/15/2019 - [DISCOVERED] This Supermarket Secret FIGHTS Cancer

Let me tell you something mainstream medicine still hasn’t figured out.   The best way to kill cancer isn’t to poison it out with chemo… burn it out with radiation… or let some scalpel-happy surgeon cut it out of you.   Here’s the truth — your body kills cancer all the time!  You have built-in mechanisms to […]

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