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01/19/2018 - New breakthrough targets your rusty pipes

Close to 50 million Americans are living in a fog of fiction when it comes to LDL cholesterol. They’ve been conned… lied to… and flat-out hoodwinked. The REAL problem isn’t the LDL cholesterol mainstream docs are working so obsessively to “control.” It’s WHAT HAPPENS TO those LDL particles inside the body. If they’re getting slammed […]

01/17/2018 - Are you getting enough of these 2 nutrients?

Here’s something even a fifth-grader could understand. Unlike some of the scientific findings that come our way… the ones that even researchers may not entirely understand… the latest research I’ve got for you today is like an episode of Sesame Street. “The letter of the day is…” But today’s a special day, my friend, because […]

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