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12/15/2018 - URGENT: New Mammogram Warning for Seniors

Ladies, you know the ugly truth about routine mammograms by now. It’s a one-way ticket into an endless nightmare of painful surgery, toxic drugs and soul-sapping chemo. If you’re a little older, NONE of this is necessary in most cases. Most tumors grow so slowly you’ll die of something else LONG before it ever poses […]

12/14/2018 - “Brown Fat” Trick SHEDS Pounds

We’re hitting that time of year when TV commercials, email ads and radio screamers start urging you to plan your New Year’s diet. C’mon… let me at LEAST enjoy the Christmas ham first!!! You won’t hear ANY of that diet nag-nag-nagging from ole’ Jack. I’ve got a resolution-free trick to BURN OFF FAT faster than […]

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