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10/18/2017 - How a slice of cheese could save your life

Is there anything a little cheese CAN’T do? It’s practically a miracle how cheddar cheese can rescue a bland dish. It can turn soggy and inedible vegetables into something everyone’s fighting over. Cheddar is the “secret ingredient” in the best apple pie you’ll ever taste. And of course, it’s terrific by itself (or better yet, […]

10/16/2017 - Don’t fall for the latest tooth scam

It’s the latest celebrity scam straight out of looney old “La La Land,” as superstar entertainers once again bilk their fans of their hard-earned cash. This time, they’re endorsing “charcoal toothpaste” as the secret to a bright and white Hollywood smile. Some of them are in tubes, like ordinary toothpaste — but they cost two […]

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