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03/19/2018 - The killer superbug threat hiding in your doctor’s scope

They take a camera on a long tube… shove it down your throat… and snap pictures of your insides. And that’s not even the worst part! That comes later, when you could end up sick to death – literally – from a killer germ that hopped off of the tube and into your gut. It’s […]

03/19/2018 - Seniors warn docs: Stop pushing us around!

America’s seniors have spoken — and they’re sick to death of being poked, prodded, zapped, scanned, undressed, and bent over. They DON’T want to be treated like pincushions with constant injections and blood withdrawals. They DON’T want to be forced to choke back every pill for every condition imaginable. They DON’T want to be referred […]

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