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05/21/2018 - What EVERY gout patient needs to know ASAP

It’s one of the FIRST pieces of advice a doc will give you, especially if you’re prone to gout. And it’s not only wrong… It’s DEAD wrong! Docs will urge you to keep your uric acid levels down low, low, low. Make sense, right? That’s the stuff found at the scene of the crime. Uric […]

05/21/2018 - It’s time to stop messing around and start calling things what they REALLY are.

When you get sent to a specialist — especially a surgeon — you’re not getting a “consultation.” You’re getting a sales pitch! The latest research shows how these guys aren’t white-robed sages looking to give you the best advice. They’re working stiffs just like you, only they’re a whole lot richer. They intend to stay […]

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