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09/16/2019 - Unbelievable! Big Pharma and mainstream docs just flipped you the BIRD!

Listen, you may not always agree with me, and that’s OK. But I hope you’ll agree with this — I call it like I see it. People have called me a quack and a conspiracy theorist for saying that the drug companies and most mainstream docs don’t give a damn about you. These are people […]

09/16/2019 - [Alert] This cooking oil gives you CANCER!

There are some things that just sound a lot better than they are… You know, like sugar-free dessert or non-alcoholic beer. But the biggest bait-and-switch of all time is vegetable oil. I mean, it’s made from vegetables, right? So it must be healthy… Yeah, not exactly. Vegetable oil is loaded with chemicals and all sorts […]

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