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08/19/2019 - [DISCOVERED] Can this “wonder drink” give you a steel-trap memory?

It starts with the little things…   You’re watching Jeopardy! and you know the answer… but it gets stuck on the tip of your tongue.  Or you spend half the morning looking for your keys…. or maybe you call one of your grandkids the wrong name.   You laugh it off, but it’s not funny.   Memory loss […]

08/19/2019 - Are your migraines due to MEDICAL MALPRACTICE? (Shocking!)

I’m a pretty reasonable guy… I know lots of doctors are overworked and doing the best they can.   So I don’t like to throw the word “malpractice” around too much.   But I call ‘em like I see ‘em. And there are MILLIONS of migraine patients out there… maybe even you or someone you love… who […]

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