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07/21/2017 - Gender-bending drugs… IN YOUR WATER!

They’re the drugs you DON’T KNOW you’re taking! Odds are, you’re on several — maybe DOZENS — of meds without even knowing it, including many you’d be SHOCKED to learn you’re taking. Try birth control pills and hormone therapy. Crazy? I only wish it were crazy! A new study out of Britain finds waterways are […]

07/21/2017 - How chemo can CAUSE new cancers

It’s one of the dirtiest “insider” secrets of mainstream cancer care. EVERY oncologist knows this, but NONE of them will admit it. Well, friend, the jig is up — because the latest science reveals the ugly truth about body-wrecking chemotherapy. Not only can this treatment FAIL… it can do something much, much worse. It can […]

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